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We provide three types of automotive protection products:

DURA-SEAL G4 Ceramic PAINT Protection

Dura-Seal G4 Ceramic Paint Protection provides the most up to date paint protection technology for your new vehicle. DURA-SEAL forms a durable finish which bonds permanently to your vehicles clear coat. MORE


Dura-Seal Fabric Protection will help your car’s fabric upholstery resist everyday soiling and staining by creating an invisible barrier to protect fabric fibres.. MORE..


Dura-Seal Leather Protection prevents leather from drying to maintain its original feel and stay soft, supple and crack resistant for longer.. MORE

Client Testimonials

  • Joe Wadsworth - Select Timaru

    My name is Joe Wadsworth and i am the owner/operator of Select Auto Groom in Timaru. Recently i had a customer come in and they had purchased a vehicle three years ago from South Canterbury Toyata. Upon purchase they had their vehicle Sealed with Dura-Seal paint and fabric protection. Paint Sealant and protection is an option that we have been in discussion over making available to our customers. Having been able to see first hand from a grooming perspective how effective your product is, even three years after application, has absolutely finalised the idea, that we do indeed want to offer this degree of supreme protection to our customers.

How DURA-SEAL works...

Paint Cross Section

Magnified Cross Section of New Unprotected Paintwork

Particles and Nitrates

Traffic film and dirt and other atmospheric pollutants attack and corrode the surface of your paintwork

Ceramic Fills Pores

Dura-Seal Paint Protector creates a durable protective skin with a silky high gloss finish

Permanent Smooth Seal

Pollutants, bird droppings, grime and dirt are repelled, no longer contaminating your paint. Washing and general maintenance are simple and polishing and waxing a thing of the past

Our Company

TF Group is a wholly New Zealand owned company. We have been supplying Dura-Seal automotive protection products to the New Zealand motor industry for more than 25 years, and are the recognised market leader in this field.