Dura-Seal protects and enhances the resale value of your new vehicle.


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About Us

More than 25 years of Product Excellence

TF Group has supplied superior protection products to the NZ automotive industry since 1987 and remains the pre-eminent supplier.

Dura-Seal G4 Ceramic Paint Protector is based on technology developed by the US space and defence industries to provide resistance against chemicals and extreme heat.

After a decade of trials and development Dura-Seal now offers you a superbly durable product that will maintain your vehicles appearance for longer than ever.

Only the latest technology and resins are used in the manufacture of Dura-Seal leather and fabric protection products. Both products are manufactured in New Zealand and provide an unsurpassed level of automotive interior care.

TF Group is constantly involved in new product development enabling us to offer the finest products of their type supported by outstanding customer service.


Dura-Seal automotive protection products are manufactured and warranted by TF Group Ltd and are available through authorised dealers throughout New Zealand. The applicator makes no representation and gives no warranty in respect to Dura-Seal products.


The Dura-Seal Paint, Fabric & Leather Protection product warranties are supplied and directly serviced by TF Group Ltd. 

TF Group is a wholly owned New Zealand company and has been supplying automotive protection products since 1987.


If you require advice or service for an incident covered under the terms of the product warranty you must call our customer service team within 7 days of the incident occurring.